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Muffle furnace

The box type intelligent high temperature muffle furnace can be used for element analysis and testing in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units, as well as for heat treatment of small steel parts such as quenching, tempering and annealing. High temperature muffle furnace can also be used for high temperature heating such as sintering, melting and analysis of metals and ceramics.

Muffle furnace

SXII muffle furnace/resistance furnace
muffle furnace/resistance furnace

Intelligent box type high-temperature oven (resistance furnace) for laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for element analysis and measured, small size steel hardening, annealing, tempering of heat treatment for heating, furnaces can also be used as a metal, ceramic sintering, dissolution and analysis of high heating use.

New type of high temperature resistant materials furnace, heating element adopts special nickel-chrome filament production, higher durability.

Density insulation materials, more effective; microcomputer control, digital display, over-temperature alarm.

  • 80×120×200 / 120×200×300 / 160×250×400 (mm / internal dimension)
  • 1000 ℃ / 1200 ℃
  • Intelligent digital control / over temperature

Price $:423.00-1155.00

muffle furnace/resistance furnace

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