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Muffle furnace industry research tends to environmental protection and energy saving

The development momentum of the electric furnace and industrial furnace industry is good and sustainable. The enterprise reform basically enters late stage, existing joint-stock system, private individual enterprise already accounted for the industry 98% above. According to the characteristics of the industry development, the branch actively work, make the industry product price level development, science and technology information communication, communication and technical cooperation between enterprises at home and abroad together with the national industrial electric heating equipment standard council (and revising a number of international standards and national standards and so on a work, have good grades and progress.
The muffler furnace is an important equipment for heating energy by electricity or fuel, which is widely used in various industries of national economy. The equipment involved in the professional technology of broad, there is resistance heating, induction heating, electric heating, infrared heating, such as plasma heating, microwave heating, electron beam heating, the products have dozens of categories, hundreds of varieties, thousands of individual series of specifications, widely used in steel industry, aerospace, defense industry, mechanical industry in areas such as heat treatment, melting, forging, sintering and baking, etc.
At present the muffle furnace industry market demand is still exuberant. With the rapid development of national science and technology and the opening of domestic and foreign markets and the increase of environmental protection demand, it is imperative to develop heating equipment such as high-tech, environmental protection and energy saving. Especially special alloy steel, new structure material, new heat treatment process, continuous casting and rolling equipment market demand is very big. To this end, promoting scientific and technological innovation is the focus of this year's industry. It will increase the guidance and publicity of new product research and development and new technology introduction. Continue to carry out quality and credible product promotion activities; To actively participate in the formulation and revision of international standards and relevant national standards; We will further strengthen technical exchanges at home and abroad and promote faster development of the industry.

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