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What factors can shorten the life of a light incubator?

In the process of using the light incubator, some people will pay attention to it, which will damage the equipment or shorten the life of the equipment. Then, let ’s take a look at these factors one by one, why will it affect the use of the light incubator?

1. Change the setting frequently
Do not frequently change the set value during use, so as to avoid overloading the compressor due to frequent starting of the compressor and affecting the service life of the equipment.

2. Violent use
Gravity opening and closing of equipment box doors, inner glass doors, and two-sided light 
incubator doors can easily cause damage to door hinges, glass doors, and light tubes.

3. The equipment is not stable
The device should be placed on a hard and firm surface and ensure that it is level.

4.The device is too close to the wall or attached to the wall
The device must be kept at a distance of about 20cm from the wall. During the use of the machine, the motor will generate heat and it will not be easy to dissipate heat if it is attached to the wall. As a result, equipment life is reduced.

5. The device is near a hot spot, or in direct sunlight
Do not place the device near a heating device such as a stove or in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Hot places can affect the use of the incubator.

6. The equipment placement ring is not ventilated
The environment of the light incubator requires ventilation. Ventilation devices are required for use in environments that are not ventilated and the area is less than 4 square meters.

Other places to note

1. The equipment has a cooling function. If the equipment is deactivated, it must be heated and flooded.

2. To ensure that the temperature in the box is uniform, check the axial fan in the box for normal operation. During the experiment, the contents in the box should not be placed too densely and the fan outlet should not be blocked to facilitate the air circulation in the box.

3. To ensure the cooling effect, it is recommended that the cooling condenser should clean the dust above the condenser inlet air every 12 months.

4. The surface of the equipment should not be in contact with volatile chemicals such as gasoline and banana water.

5, the equipment box door is not easy to open frequently, otherwise it will affect the light and constant temperature effect.

6. Keep the inside and outside of the box clean, and often clean up debris and stains.

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