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Solution to the failure of the vacuum drying oven

Whether in the laboratory or in the industry, during the use of the vacuum drying oven, workers will always encounter various problems, which makes people feel headaches and no experience in solving problems. Then this article must be suitable. You collect.

Fault 1: No power
Cause: The plug is not plugged in or disconnected. Handling: The plug is plugged in or connected.
Cause: The fuse is open. Treatment: Replace the fuse.

Fault two: the temperature in the oven does not rise
Cause: The set temperature is low. Treatment: Adjust the set temperature.
Cause: The electric heater is broken.
Cause: The temperature controller is broken. Handling: Change the temperature controller.
Cause: The temperature sensor is loose. Treatment: Tighten the temperature sensor connector.

Fault three: The set temperature and the temperature inside the oven have a large error
Cause: The temperature sensor is broken. Handling: Change the temperature sensor.
Cause: There is an error between the set temperature and the measured value of the sensor.

For more information about the replacement parts of the vacuum drying oven, you can download the maintenance manual on the website.

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