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individual shelves control vacuum drying oven

vacuum oven is thermostatic drying equipment with heating the vacuum control. it is used for powder or granular sample, heat sensitive and oxidizable substances.

Dzf-30 series vacuum drying oven is independent multi-shelves temperature control, and its structure is different from other vacuum drying oven.

The vacuum drying oven is horizontal type, the working room is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the shape is square.

The exterior is made of powder coated steel, the glass wool is filled in the middle as insulation.the chamber have 3-4 individual spaces,the each alu trays have temperature control function.it can set temperature individually.it can meet the temperature requirements of different samples in vacuum condition.there are vacuum guage and vent valve upper the controller.

individual shelves control vacuum oven is widely used. Kenton supply it with factory prices.

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