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How do I choose an incubator for germination?

How to choose an incubator for germination of seeds using incubators? The following is shared by Kenton laboratory, hope it can help you.
A. What is the significance of seed germination?
Seeds by germination treatment, not only can lift the seed dormancy, but also can timely emerge, neatly out of the seedling, improve the germination rate, but also can enhance the seedling disease resistance (disease resistance, drought resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance), improve seedling production and quality. Therefore, germination before sowing is of great importance in seedling and forestation work.
With traditional germination methods, it is difficult to control the environmental conditions, resulting in uneven sprouting, low seedling rate and easy to burn and rot the seeds, etc. The use of incubators can greatly improve the germination potential and germination rate.
Second, the choice of incubator?
The growth of plants in general involves humidity and temperature. The problem of constant temperature is better solved, but the problem of humidity is designed to the selection of the type of incubator. Because the seed humidity is small, the seeds are not easy to germinate, high humidity is easy to rot the seeds, so the artificial climate chamber set with humidity, its relative humidity can be maintained between 50% to 90%, some up to 95%. Ordinary incubators, however, do not have humidification devices. Artificial climate incubators and constant temperature and humidity chambers have perfect humidification equipment. The humidity problem can be met.
Depending on the seed growing conditions, the main thing is to meet the appropriate temperature, oxygen, humidity and other conditions that can promote seed germination. So when doing the seed germination process, it is important to pick the right incubator. For seeds with low humidity requirements, choose a constant temperature incubator, for those with higher humidity, choose a constant temperature and humidity chamber or an artificial climate chamber. For those with light requirements, choose either a light incubator or an artificial climate chamber.

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