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Daily maintenance of biochemical incubators

As the biochemical incubator has a refrigeration and heating system, than only heating function of the electric incubator structure is relatively complex, the need for refrigeration system for regular maintenance. The lower radiator of the chamber is recommended to be cleaned up in 6 months, first open the lower baffle, the residual debris on the surface of the radiator to clean up, note that the strength can not be too large easy to dent the heat sink, and then use the special foam spray to clean up the heat sink on the surface. If the use of environmental dust and debris more should be cleaned in advance to avoid the accumulation of debris on the surface of the radiator affect the heat exchange effect, resulting in the oven does not cool.
Cleaning of the inner chamber: After each use, clean the inner chamber with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol and the laminate to avoid cross infection of the samples. Finally clean the temperature sensing sensor with a soft cloth, pay attention to protecting the sensor when wiping. The magnetic door seal around the door is made of PVC and cannot be wiped with corrosive liquids.
If the biochemical incubator needs to be transported, it is forbidden to place it upside down and to place it flat at more than 45 degrees during transport. After moving,the equipment should be left for 24 hours before starting. Avoid frequent changes to the set value when starting up the equipment, so as not to overload the compressor with frequent starts and affect the service life of the equipment. Note that the equipment should be installed in a location where the humidity is not greater than 70%, if installed in a high humidity location it may cause leakage or electric shock.
The biochemical incubator is only used as experimental equipment, so it is not recommended to leave the machine on for a long time to preserve samples.

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