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Three tips on light incubators

Recently a customer asked about the light incubator, the light incubator set the temperature, but in fact, the light will also happen heat, so the temperature is not right? Here by Kenton laboratory to take you to understand, about the light incubator three small knowledge.
1. The system of the light incubator is based on the heat generated by light, and the effective compensation is carried out through a precise control system to ensure that the temperature is constant.
2. Using three-dimensional light source, lighting distribution is uniform, using the cavity of the mirror stainless steel for reflective material, so that the lighting effect is better, while the light level is adjustable.
3. Optimized lighting system, the lamp and the inner chamber are effectively insulated by double glazing and are equipped with ventilation holes for heat dissipation.
In addition, as the light incubator of Kenton laboratory has a power failure memory function, so when the power failure occurs and the power supply is restored, the light incubator will work according to the set light level and temperature. The bottom of the chamber is equipped with universal wheels, please lock the two brake pedals of the front wheels when moving into place, if the ground is obviously uneven, the user needs to pad up until the chamber is placed smoothly.

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