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Constant Temperature Oven Air Duct Test Method

Kenton laboratory is a professional manufacturer of constant temperature ovens, the conventional oven studio size has already been finalised and optimised, and the air duct has also been standardised by actual testing. However, based on the special requirements of customers, the air duct test is one of the important links for products with different specifications and high temperature uniformity requirements.
In addition to the installation position of the heating elements and the initial calculation of the air ducts, precise fine-tuning on site based on actual measurement data is required to obtain a constant temperature space with a high degree of uniformity. The multi-point pyrometer does a good job of recording the temperature changes at each point through the data transmitted by the sensor, exporting the recorded data after half an hour of constant temperature, analysing the direction and size of the airflow, designing an adjustment programme and then actually measuring the experimental evidence of the design effect. After several times of debugging and comparison, the best solution is finally obtained to ensure that the temperature is uniform at all points during the whole working period of the constant temperature oven.

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