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Biosafety cabinet airflow smoke pattern testing

Airflow smoke pattern test: Test based on YY 0569-2011 6.3.9 Visible smoke provided by a smoke emitting tube. Downward airflow test (Class II safety cabinet)
a) A fume tube with both ends queued off, one end fitted with an earpiece and one end at a height of 100 mm above the centre line of the worktop of the biosafety cabinet and above the top of the front window operating opening, is used to accumulate the smoke generated by the earpiece and move it slowly from one end of the cabinet to the other.
b) Observe the direction of the smoke flow and tick the yes or no box for the phenomenon in the "Description of the observed results" box of the test record.
c) Evaluation of results
According to YY 0569-2011 "The airflow in the working area of the biological safety cabinet should be downward, without vortex or upward airflow and without dead spots. The airflow should not escape from the cabinet". The observations are evaluated and a conclusion of conformity is given.

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