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Illumination testing of biosafety cabinets

Illuminance testing: test according to YY 0569-2011 6.3.4, in the center line of the non-stick tape in the middle of the work surface of the biosafety cabinet, 150 mm from each of the left and right side walls, each measurement point is no more than 300 mm away. For example, if the distance between the left and right side walls of a cabinet is 1240 mm, after subtracting the distance between the left and right points of 300 mm, the remaining distance is 940 mm.
Background illuminance measurement: turn off the lights of the biological safety cabinet, digital illuminance meter press POWER key, the lower right of the display shows "20", press RANGE key, adjust to the lower right of the display shows "2000", illuminance value in The illuminance value is displayed in "LUX" units. Select the appropriate measuring position and the value shown at the bottom right of the display of the illuminance meter is an indication of the measuring range. Place the light detector head flat on the position of the measuring point of the non-stick tape, open the cover of the light detector head and measure the background illuminance at the measuring point in sequence from left to right, press the "HOLD" key within 5-10 seconds after each movement to the position of the measuring point, read and record the illuminance value when it remains unchanged. Press the "HOLD" key again to exit the data hold and carry out the next point measurement, record the measured values of all the measurement points and calculate the average value according to the measured values.
Illuminance measurement: Turn on the lights of the biological safety cabinet and start the cabinet fan. Turn on the ON/OFF power switch, press the LUX key once and fill in the record of the instrument after the measurement.
Note: 1. The illuminance meter display shows a maximum of 1,000 digits, if the highest digit "1" is displayed on the left, it means overload, you should immediately choose a higher level of measurement.
    2, when set 20 000 LUX / fc gear, the value displayed must be x 10 times to be the true value of the measurement.
When setting 200 000 LUX/fc, the displayed value must be x 100 times the true value of the measurement.
According to YY 0569-2011 5.4.4 "The average illuminance of the safety cabinet shall be not less than 650 lx and the measured value of each illuminance shall be not less than 430 lx", the measurement results are evaluated and a conclusion is given as to whether they pass or not.

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