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The replacement method of constant temperature drying oven fan

The heat circulation fan of the constant temperature drying oven is a very key part in the process of constant temperature. The fan rotates and drives the fan impeller to rotate and stir the air circulation flow, so that the temperature in the working area can be kept balanced. Therefore, the fan is in working condition when the constant temperature drying oven is on, so the fan is also the one that has more failures. When the fan is faulty and needs to be replaced, how should we operate? We can divide into the following three steps.
1, Disconnect the power supply, take out the active air duct plate on the side of the studio by the fan, and remove the fan blade. Then you can open the outer exhaust panel of the oven, dismantle the fan connection line, remove the spring that holds the motor and take out the motor.
2, According to the demolition of the motor steps in reverse order of operation, that is, install the motor, wiring, install the motor blades.
3, Turn on the power, start the test, to observe whether the motor is running normally, whether there are abnormalities in the operation? If all normal, install the fan side of the active air duct plate, cover the outside of the oven exhaust plate. Great work is done! Have you learned?

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