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UV lamp radiation intensity test for biosafety cabinets

UV lamp radiation intensity test: test according to GB 15981-1995 11, the biological safety cabinet work panel back, the location of the measurement points to determine the same as the illumination measurement. The centre line of the non-adhesive tape in the middle of the work surface of the safety cabinet has been pasted, 150 mm from each of the left and right side walls, each measurement point is no more than 300 mm away during the period. 4 equal parts, i.e. 3 points, each point spacing of 235 mm, a total of 5 measuring points.
Turn on the instrument power switch, select UV254 range file, select "×1μW/cm2" range file, insert the measuring probe plug into the jack of the reading unit of the instrument, open the probe cover and place the photosensitive surface in the position of the measuring point of the cloth, at this time the instrument display window shows the product of the number and the range factor that is the irradiance (unit (unit: μW/cm2), press the "hold" button for reading and recording when reading, lift the "hold" button when reading is finished and return to sampling state. When the measurement is complete, switch off the power, cover the photosensitive surface with the probe cover and return the instrument and its components to their case (if necessary, disinfect the parts in contact with the safety cabinet with alcohol as appropriate). Then fill in the record of the use of the instrument.
Evaluate the measurement results according to GB 15981-1995 10 standard "UV lamp radiation intensity ≥ 70 μW/cm2 in the use of biological safety cabinets is qualified" and give a conclusion on whether the results are qualified.

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