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Safety precautions for the operation of electric thermostatic blast drying ovens

The electric thermostatic drying oven is an electrically charged equipment, therefore the operation of the equipment requires a certain safety awareness and safety related knowledge to avoid safety accidents to the maximum extent possible.
Therefore, it is necessary to have certain safety awareness and safety-related knowledge to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents to the maximum extent.
The electrical part of the oven or the body of the oven should not be wetted by water, in case of accidental wetting by water
Dry with a dry cloth as soon as possible and allow to air dry for a period of time before use. Do not touch any electrical parts such as the power plug or any switches with wet hands, as this may cause electric shock.
As the drying oven belongs to the larger power equipment, it is not recommended to graft the power socket, a device a socket, high power does not match the plug, need to connect directly with the leakage switch or the gate switch, the power cord should choose the compliance wire diameter, should not drag, winding, bundle, easy to cause the power cord broken, the oven must be effectively grounded when the power is used.
Do not modify the electrical wiring and increase the heating element at will, these may cause electric shock or fire.
Any repair and modification or dismantling must be done by professional personnel or qualified electrician. If you find that the dry oven is not running normally, be sure to switch off the machine and unplug or disconnect the power supply first. Continued operation in an abnormal condition may result in electric shock or fire. When the appliance is not in use for a long period of time, it should be unplugged, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock, leakage or fire due to deterioration of the insulator.
In the event of a sudden power failure or after the power supply has been cut off, it is necessary to check the temperature, timer and other settings after restarting the appliance.
Otherwise, the stored items may be damaged due to the change of setting value. The temperature control of the drying oven is mainly controlled by the temperature controller, the principle of which is that the temperature sensor installed in the inner chamber will transmit the data to the temperature controller, and then the temperature controller will output the control signal to the electrical components according to the set program, so it is recommended that the temperature be corrected regularly every one to two years to avoid the inaccuracy of the temperature affecting the experiment or the drying effect of the items.
When the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment.
Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged and unable to work properly when used again. As the drying oven is equipped with a blast device, it is important that the four feet are stable when placed, otherwise the resonance noise of the motor and other resonance is greater when the drying oven is working. Larger blast drying ovens should consider handling issues, such as whether the handling aisle is wide and high enough, whether stairs or lifts are sufficient to accommodate the equipment, whether the storage location and the space at the entrance and exit are sufficient, etc.

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