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Safety precautions for the use of electric thermostatic drying ovens

Many users in the purchase of the drying oven, the need to bake the sample requirements and drying oven to pay attention to matters do not understand, easy to cause equipment damage or even safety accidents, so before use must first read the manual, the following list of some important notes for reference.
First of all, the drying oven must not put flammable and explosive volatile items (there is a need to buy the oven with explosion-proof function), this is very important, some users put flammable items into the drying directly on fire caused by serious explosions, and even injury to the operator. Therefore, the ignition point of the sample should have preliminary data before baking, and the set temperature should not exceed the ignition point of the sample, otherwise it will spontaneously combust. If the laboratory needs to do chemical research it is important to know the characteristics of each sample and the chemical reaction data before use, otherwise safety accidents can easily occur. Volatile substances are also not recommended to be stored for baking, as the inner liner of the oven is generally made of galvanised steel or stainless steel plate, and volatile substances will cause corrosion damage to the inner liner material in the long term.
The drying oven with the heating element at the bottom of the inner chamber cannot bake items containing more moisture, as the moisture will flow to the bottom of the inner chamber when the machine is switched on and will burn the heating element and cause serious leakage, so the heating element with more moisture can be purchased at the back or left and right.
The electrical part of the drying oven cannot be wet, otherwise it will cause leakage and electric shock.
Please use a power outlet with an earth wire to prevent electric shock. Always refer to the special power supply and the voltage indicated on the nameplate of the equipment, especially for more powerful drying ovens you need to connect directly to the gate switch and not to use a socket. And must be connected by a professional electrician. Dryer ovens that are already equipped with sockets from the original factory must also match the load value of the socket current amperage.

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