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What is the typical power of an industrial oven?

What is the typical power of an industrial oven? This has a lot to do with the size of the oven. The larger the oven, the higher the power. The higher the power of an industrial oven, the more electricity it will use than a smaller appliance.
Industrial ovens will be more power-efficient in the process of heating up, but up to the set temperature thermostat, good insulation industrial ovens, such as Kenton Laboratory, between the studio and the shell using glass fiber as insulation material; large diameter wind wheel circulation form, circulation air volume, heat circulation uniform, motor installed in the upper, by driving the wind wheel will heat circulation to the studio, so the cycle, in the thermostat process is more power-saving. Ovens with automatic thermostat function, it is not heated at the time of thermostat, so almost no electricity is consumed, only when heated, the power is very high, the better the insulation effect, the fewer heat escapes and the temperature rises quickly, so choose an oven with good insulation effect.
Use electricity, make sure you don't waste it, energy saving and protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility.

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