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The difference between the two types of vacuum drying ovens

Vacuum drying ovens are designed for drying heat-sensitive and oxidation-prone substances, especially for powder or granular items, and are widely used in bio pharmaceuticals, medical and health care, industrial and agricultural production and scientific research. The vacuum drying ovens are divided into two types of vacuum ovens, manual and automatic, what is the difference between these two types of ovens?
One is the manual mode control: the vacuum drying oven is equipped with a vacuum table, according to the actual need to start the vacuum pump pumping to the required vacuum degree and then close the vacuum pump. After a long period of operation, the vacuum level becomes smaller and the vacuum pump is manually activated to the required vacuum level by reading the vacuum gauge and then switched off. This is very inconvenient and difficult to control with precision. However, this control method produces a low cost vacuum chamber, so the selling price is low and many customers choose it.
The other is fully automatic control: the control instrument is connected to an infrared sensor, which senses the vacuum level in the studio and displays it on the instrument screen. The instrument controls the opening and closing of the vacuum pump by means of a solenoid valve so that the actual vacuum level corresponds to the pre-set vacuum level and is really maintained at this constant value. It is recommended that customers with high requirements for precision and long working hours use this fully automatic vacuum chamber.

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