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Selection of electric thermostatic vacuum drying oven

When purchasing the vacuum drying oven, you can choose the suitable one according to the volume size of the inner chamber first, generally, there are 20 litres, 50 litres, 90 litres, 130 litres, etc., then combine the size of the items to be dried with the height, width and depth of the inner chamber and other parameters to ensure that it can be put into the inner chamber, the temperature and vacuum degree pressure size can be set as required, the highest setting temperature can be up to 200℃, the temperature under vacuum environment is often higher than the actual temperature under normal pressure environment. The temperature in a vacuum environment is often higher than the actual temperature in an atmospheric environment, so the vacuum drying oven can reduce the boiling point of liquids and effectively shorten heat sensitive and non-drying items. After the size of the volume is determined, the vacuum pump is equipped as required. Generally, the optional pumping rate for the inner volume of 20-50 litres is 1L/S, and the optional rate for 90-130 litres is 2L/S.
As the heat transfer method of vacuum drying oven and hot air drying oven is different (vacuum oven is under vacuum environment), therefore the heating surface and heat conduction directly determine the uniformity of temperature of vacuum drying oven, the following introduces several different heating methods of DZF series, DZF-60 series heat conduction through the heating tubes installed on both sides of the inner liner, DZF-30 series for each layer of the laminate with its own independent heating tubes, and the heat conduction through the laminate. The DZF-50 series is heated on all four sides of the liner from left to right and from the back, allowing for even heat transfer.
For example, the DZF-60 series can be used to meet the requirements for a constant temperature in a general negative vacuum environment, the DZF-50 series can be used if the temperature uniformity is required and the fluctuations are small, and the DZF-30 series can be used if the temperature of each layer needs to be set differently and a constant vacuum environment can be achieved.
The KZ series is an upgraded configuration of the DZF series. In addition to the functions of the DZF-60 series, the ergonomic design of the KZ series makes it more suitable for use in high-end laboratories, and the temperature control uses a more accurate LCD instrument for more precise temperature control. The insulation uses hollow isolation technology to minimise heat dissipation. The inner layer of the vacuum drying oven is made of aluminium, which can better conduct the heat energy, and the KZ-G series is equipped with a layer locking design to better solve the problem of not directly transferring the heat energy between the inner chamber and the layer.
If you need to set the vacuum level electronically and achieve a constant vacuum level automatically, you can choose the KZ-G series, the electronic automatic control of the vacuum level can make the setting more convenient and the vacuum level more accurate.


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