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Features and differences between biochemical incubators SPX and SH

Biochemical incubator as a kind of electric thermostat incubator temperature is widely used in environmental protection, agriculture and animal husbandry, medical and pharmaceutical supervision, health epidemic prevention, etc..
The SPX series is the more basic biochemical incubator, but also the most widely used, the function of the basic to meet the temperature range from 0-65 ℃ requirements, but with the continuous upgrading of the industry, the parameters, functions and materials have different needs, Kenton laboratory in the original SPX series based on the redevelopment of the SH series, the following brief introduction.
Firstly, the air duct of the SH series has been optimised and named ALLFLOW air circulation technology to achieve three-dimensional air supply, and the instrument has been upgraded to LCD display temperature accuracy to ±0.1℃, with intelligent control technology can effectively improve the uniformity fluctuation. The inner material SPX is 201 stainless steel, SH is 304 stainless steel, more corrosion resistant. The circulating fan is made of temperature resistant bearings, the heating tube is made of 304 stainless steel, the refrigeration system is upgraded with international famous brand compressor, Dupont SUVA-R34 environmental refrigerant, more professional ALLCOLD balanced refrigeration technology, etc. The electrical components are imported from the USA ST thyristor, Dutch PHILIPS control chip, Taiwan optocoupler, etc. The standard computer microcomputer interface, with software can Remote monitoring can be achieved with the software.

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