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Notes on drying flammable and explosive powders in vacuum drying ovens

The working principle of the vacuum drying oven is to pump the air through the external pump to reach the negative pressure state of the inner chamber and then heat it so that the temperature inside the chamber rises and remains constant, so it is especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidised, flammable and explosive powders and samples with complex structures. However, for safety reasons, special attention should be paid to the following points when drying flammable and explosive powders.
1. Add a filter to the vacuum interface of the vacuum drying oven connected to the vacuum pump before use to prevent the powder from being pumped into the vacuum pipeline when pumping.
2. Consider using a vacuum pump such as a water jet vacuum unit, because the inner cavity of the vacuum pump is hotter when working, if flammable and explosive powder enters, it is easy to cause an explosion, use water flow directly to take away the gas, and the dust will be mixed directly with the high speed water flow through the vacuum pipe to reduce the risk.
3. Spread a clean cloth on top of the powder to prevent the inner airflow from affecting the powder.
4. Use explosion-proof type for the electrical control system of the drying oven to avoid electric sparks and place the equipment in an explosion-proof room.
5. Fill the inner chamber with inert gas when needed to avoid spontaneous combustion or oxidation of the sample.
6. After drying the powder, let the temperature of the inner chamber decrease to room temperature (or lower than the ignition point of the sample) and then slowly turn the vacuum interface valve to avoid spontaneous combustion of the sample in the air, wait for the internal and external air pressure to balance and then open the door to take the sample.


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