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How to improve the temperature uniformity in the vacuum drying oven

As we all know, the airtightness of the vacuum drying oven can only use the heating inner wall to bake the items inside the oven by using heat conduction and radiation. As the heat of radiation is inversely proportional to the distance, therefore it is important to realize the uniform temperature inside the vacuum drying oven.
1, The number of heating surface is an important reason to decide the temperature uniformity. The effect of heating on four sides is definitely much better than that of heating on two sides, and the temperature uniformity at various points inside the cavity is higher.
2, The partition comes with its own independent heating tube, which is heated inside the cavity and the heat is conducted through the laminate. This method can heat up quickly and the temperature is more uniform, the disadvantage is that it is slightly more expensive.
3, Part of the heat is conducted by the partition, so increasing the contact area between the partition and the heating surface to make the partition absorb more heat, as well as using materials that can conduct heat more easily to make the partition, can improve the temperature uniformity at all points in the cavity.
Kenton laboratory vacuum drying oven original inner cavity preheating technology and heat transfer technology of the partition plate, increase the contact area between the partition plate and the preheating cavity, so that the temperature of the partition plate and the preheating cavity remain the same.

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