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Environmental chamber configuration description

Environmental chamber with temperature control function, in addition to temperature control is divided into two categories without humidity and with humidity control, first of all, temperature control, to Kenton laboratory production WGD series as an example, the temperature regulation method using balanced and PID intelligent control, that is, regardless of heating or cooling heating and cooling system will be opened at the same time, so that temperature fluctuations are small, with PID intelligent control to reduce the rush temperature to a minimum The temperature range is divided into three categories.
The temperature range is divided into three kinds respectively A:-20~150℃, B:-40~150℃, C:-60~150℃, heating rate ≥2℃/min (no load), cooling rate ≥1℃/min (no load). Nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heating tube, high temperature bearing motor with centrifugal wind wheel, refrigeration system using single-stage refrigeration type or binary compound refrigeration, original imported French Taikang compressor, with overheating, overload, overcurrent, overpressure protection . Fin type stainless steel welding plate type evaporator. Temperature control system can choose LCD screen and touch screen two, programmable segment control, can be set in the temperature range arbitrary and constant, with timing function, with error operation warning and ultra-high and low temperature alarm temperature difference alarm, etc., temperature accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃.
With humidity control function for WGD-SJ series, also known as high and low temperature humidity and heat alternating test chamber, humidity range of 20%-98%, humidity deviation of ± 1% (10-80 ℃ when) the rest of the temperature section for ± 3%. The temperature and humidity control system is programmed to adjust, especially suitable for extreme tests of low temperature and high humidity and high temperature and low humidity.

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