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Applications and principles of Climate Simulation Chamber

Climate Simulation Chamber are often used for the cultivation of plants, animals, insects, seeds, tissue cells etc. The most important feature is that they simulate the natural climate of temperature, humidity and light levels required for growth. The temperature is adjustable from 0-65°C (without light), humidity from 50% to 90% and the light is adjustable in five levels to mimic day and night. The upgraded version also features programmable step control of different temperature humidity light levels to meet different climatic conditions.
The electric heating tube and the refrigeration evaporator are installed in a circulation duct at the rear of the inner liner, where the fan draws the airflow through the duct and then into the liner in a continuous cycle. The lower part of the air duct is equipped with a water tank that generates steam, which increases the humidity level when humidifying with the air flow into the liner. When dehumidification is required, the compressor is activated to reduce the humidity, but as the compressor starting to cool down, the system will also reduce the temperature in the mean time. So the electric heating tube will also need to be activated at the same time, therefore the balanced temperature regulation system and the microcomputer PID technology will solve the problem of the proportion of the heating and cooling capacity perfectly, which then reaches a dynamic balance.
The light system is distributed on the left and right of the inner liner and the door panel, the light source on three sides and the reflection make the light more uniform, the heat generated by the light can be effectively compensated by the temperature control system to ensure a constant temperature. A laminate light source can be added on special request, with a choice of different spectra, suitable for the growth of various samples.

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