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How to configure the power of electric ovens

Electric ovens are used in a wide range of applications, and the size of the power configuration varies according to demand, as well as the volume capacity and temperature range.
In the early stages of product design, the parameters are determined, including the size of the inner chamber, the maximum temperature required, the power, the voltage and other basic parameters. The matching of power is calculated according to the volume of the liner, the heating rate and time, and the maximum temperature value as a proportional formula. Many users have a misconception that the power can be matched with a larger temperature rise rate will be faster, the baking time can be shortened, to improve efficiency. In fact, this is ignored the temperature rushing temperature problem, the power match is too large in addition to energy consumption, the temperature will be too rushing, that is, after reaching the set temperature will also be rushed up a period of degrees and then back down, the more sensitive to the temperature of the items will be baked bad, there is also the temperature uniformity and fluctuations will be larger, not conducive to the effect of baking, and the temperature is too high will also let the items composition change or nutrients lost, so the power match is very demanding balance. This is why power matching is so important.
For example, in the case of cereals and herbs, the original method is to dry them in the sun for a day or two, which is very inefficient. A well-matched oven can set the required temperature and keep it at a constant temperature for about 60 minutes, which increases efficiency and preserves the nutrients of the cereals and herbs. Therefore it is not good to bake too quickly and with too much power.

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