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The Climate Simulation Chamber use precautions

The Climate Simulation Chamber is a high-precision constant temperature and humidity light simulation test equipment with refrigeration, heating, illumination control, widely used in biological genetic engineering, medical, health epidemic prevention, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture and other testing and production fields. In the use of the process to pay attention to the following matters.
 (a) The artificial climate chamber in use before and during the operation of the important details should be noted:
1. This manual must be fully read and understood before use. This is because incorrect use can lead to damage to the equipment or improper operation of the equipment.
2. The appliance should be used with a separate power outlet.
3. Do not remove the plug by pulling on the power cord. Pulling on the power cord can cause it to overheat or catch fire.
4. Check the mains voltage at the location before use. Failure to comply with the required supply voltage may result in damage to the appliance or improper operation of the appliance.
5. When moving the appliance in parallel, the angle of inclination should be less than 45 degrees in either direction. Failure to do so may result in damage to the refrigeration compressor in the appliance or abnormal cooling performance.
6. The appliance should be left standing vertically for 2 hours after installation. Failure to do so may result in damage to the refrigeration compressor in the appliance or abnormal refrigeration performance.
7. Make sure that the shelves are secured and that items are removed carefully and placed gently and that the lower part of the shelf is moved by hand, otherwise it may overturn and damage the culture.
(ii) The appliance must be unplugged if any of the following apply.
1. When replacing a fuse. Changing the fuse with electricity can easily lead to electric shock.
2. When the appliance is faulty and cannot be used normally. To prevent further damage to the equipment or accidental injury to persons caused by mis-starting. 3.
3. When moving the equipment. Moving equipment with electricity can easily lead to electric shock.
(c) Precautions that may affect the life of the equipment and the normal use of the equipment:
1. Do not change the set value frequently in use to avoid frequent overloading of the compressor, which may affect the service life of the equipment.
2.  Gravity to open and close the equipment box door, the inner glass door, the second side of the light box door may lead to damage to the door hinges, glass door, lamp.
3. Equipment should be placed on a hard and solid plane and ensure its horizontal state
4. The equipment must be kept at a distance of approximately 20cm from walls and objects.
5. Do not place the appliance close to heat generating devices such as cookers or in direct sunlight.
6. The appliance should be placed in a ventilated environment. If the appliance is not ventilated and the area is less than 4 square metres, a ventilation device should be installed.
7. The equipment has cooling and humidifying function, if the equipment is out of use, it must be heated to drive away the moisture treatment.
8. To ensure the humidifying effect, it is recommended that the humidifying water tank and the humidifying water tank at the bottom of the inner liner and the humidifying electric heating tube should be cleaned once every 6 months.
9. In order to ensure that the box temperature uniformity, should often check the box circulation fan is normal operation. Experiment, the box should not be placed too close and do not block the fan outlet, in order to facilitate the box air circulation.
10. In order to ensure the effect of refrigeration, it is recommended that the refrigeration condenser should be cleaned once every 12 months condenser heat sink surface dust.
11. The surface of the equipment should not be in contact with volatile chemicals such as petrol and banana water.
12. The door of the equipment is not easy to open frequently, otherwise it will affect the light and constant temperature effect.

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