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SW series clean bench common failures and repair

1. Turn on the switch power equipment no response
A. Fuse tube is bad, try a new one
B. Bad switch, change the new switch to try
C. The main control board is bad, use a multimeter to measure the main control board voltage supply is normal, if not normal, the fault in the former power supply circuit failure; if normal, both can be judged to be damaged
2. The display screen shows normal but the motor does not run
A. Motor is bad, use the universal energy meter to measure the resistance value between the winding group to determine
B. Start capacitor is bad: the machine does not turn on, use the hand to apply force to turn. Replace with new one
3. Turn on the power switch and blower switch. Both hear the "clattering" sound
A. fan fan blade screws loose, re-lock fixed can.
B. The fan blade is touching the duct wall, re-fix the fan blade position.
4. Turn on the switch, the equipment tripped
A. Lamp leakage
B. Motor leakage, respectively, using a multimeter to measure the exclusion
5. The instrument display appears to be jumping, or stationary, or missing strokes, or "----"
A. The instrument will be removed, power, or the same phenomenon, both determine the instrument damage, replacement.
6. Out of the air uneven or dust particles exceed the standard
A. Check the filter seam position for misalignment or gap
B. Remove the filter to check for damage.
C. Replace the primary and high efficiency filters regularly.  

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