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Anaerobic incubator

Main feature

Anaerobic incubator(custom-made is available)anaerobic incubator is composed of the incubator, vacuum sampling chamber

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  • Anaerobic incubator(custom-made is available):
    anaerobic incubator is composed of incubator, vacuum sampling chamber, air circuit and circuit control system. The whole machine has the advantages of novel shape, compact structure, good anaerobic environment, good sealing performance, high temperature control accuracy, good stability, convenient use, gas saving, economy, safe and reliable operation, etc. The product is a special device for bacterial culture and operation in anaerobic environment. It can cultivate the most difficult anaerobic organisms and avoid the danger of death caused by exposure to oxygen when anaerobic organisms used to operate in the atmosphere.

    Structural characteristics:
    the equipment adopts the intelligent PID temperature controller which can accurately and intuitively reflect the actual temperature in the chamber. With safe and reliable temperature limiting protection device.

    UV sterization lamp is installed in the equipment, the filtered gas flowing into the chamber can effectively avoid bacterial contamination.

    Gas circuit device, which can adjust the flow , and can inject all kinds of required gases.

    Operating chamber are made of stainless steel. The front window are made of thick transparent and impact-resistant special glasses. The gloves are reliable, comfortable, flexible and easy to operate.

    requirement for door-to-door debugging (user-provided):
    2pcs gas cylinders (40L carbon cylinder), one of bottle of mixed gas, mixture gas ratio: CO2 5%; H2 10%; N (high purity nitrogen) 85%. Another bottle of gas is 99.99% high purity nitrogen, then matched with cylinder pressure relief valves 2pcs(output pressure is about 0.1 MPA).

    Chemical reagent required: HA deoxidizer 500g and desiccant 500g (Note: We can buy HA deoxidizer and desiccant for you).

    Product parameters:



    Sampling chamber access


    Time of anaerobic formation in asmpling chamber

    <5 minutes

    Anaerobic time in operation room

    <1hour/O2 content≤1%

    Maintenance time of anaerobic environment

    Operating chamber Stops Supplying Trace Mixed Gases, >12hours

    Temperature control range of incubation chamber












    Sampling chamber access


    Incubation chamber dimension


    Operation chamber dimension


    Exterior dimension


    Packing dimension


    The performance parameters tested under no-load conditions are as follows:ambient temperature 20℃, ambient humindity 50% RH.

    Can not be used for long-term cold storage.

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