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How to make dried chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum is different from other flowers, its flowering period is very long, spring and summer autumn can see its figure. I remember when I was a child, there were many blooming chrysanthemums on the side of the road, clusters of clusters, colorful, and beautiful, showing the tenacious vitality. Chrysanthemum not only good-looking, dry chrysanthemum also can be a tea to drink. Chrysanthemum tea on the mouth dry, get inflamed, head astringent, or by the wind, cold, wet caused by limb pain, numbness of the disease have a certain effect. It's best not to drink it all at once, leave the third cup of tea, adding a new tea, soak it for a while, and then drink it.
When brewing chrysanthemum tea, it’s best to use transparent glass, put four or five grain each time, then use boiling water to make a bubble can. If a lot of people have a drink, you can use a transparent teapot and pour it into the boiling water for 2-3 minutes each time, then pour the tea into everyone's transparent glass. When you drink chrysanthemum tea, you can put some sugar in your cup, which will make it sweeter. So how to make dried chrysanthemum, there are several kinds of drying methods:
1. Natural drying: It’s to put the flowers that come back evenly spread on the clean concrete ground, the natural bask to dry about 7--10 days, which is the most commonly used method in the countryside. The advantage is: simple, convenient, the smell of the flower is good, but can’t guarantee the color of the flower, the later preservation is also easy to live worm, the transport process flower also can break.
2. In the shade to dry: This is the method that is stipulated in the medical book, it is to spread the flowers evenly in dry ventilated place (such as an upstairs empty room), let its natural air dry, the process takes about 10--20 days. The advantage is: the color, shape, and smell of flowers are very good, but the process of dry time is too long, the late save also breeds insect, transportation cost will be broken.
3. Steamed and then dried: just put the flowers in water vapor steam for 15-20 minutes, it even stands on the clean concrete, the advantages are: fast dry preparation, after high-temperature sterilization insecticidal, late save nor worm, flowers by the steam natural contraction, transportation cost also should not be broken; The disadvantage is that the color and shape of flowers will change greatly, and the aroma of wild chrysanthemum will also affect the flavor of Chinese herbs. The steamed chrysanthemum was spread out in the hot sun for three or four days. Note that the chrysanthemum isn’t dry, you don’t chaos flip and get pressure at night while the pressure. Bask in three days over time, and then basking in three or four days, before and after has basked in seven days or so, varies from area to area (air) to collect good put a few days, then take out basking in a day or two, flower heart completely dry out, it can go to the store.
4. With the oven drying: This method is more expensive but the best results. The advantage is: to ensure that the flower color, shape, and smell, after high-temperature sterilization insecticide, the latter part of the preservation is not raw insects, but the transport process should be broken. Preservation: unified management, unified preservation, sealed into a new white woven bag, placed in a dry, cool, ventilated place to save, to ensure that no insects, not tide can be. Drying oven temperature is generally 40 ℃ temperature, drying can be 30 minutes. Ordinary hot air oven can complete the process, if you want to a lot of, continuous dry, I recommended to select industrial oven, it’s suitable for batch production, which can be used continuously for a long time.

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