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How to Maintain the Artificial Climate Box

Artificial climate box is a device for seed germination, seedling cultivation, bacterial and microbial cultivation and preservation of plants. It can also be used for quality testing of products and other light and constant temperature experiments. Artificial climate box can also simulate the natural climate environment. It can simulate the day and night through light control. The humidity and temperature in the box can be adjusted and constant. It is an ideal environmental experimental equipment for various scientific research departments.
How should the artificial climate box be maintained?
1. Power supply for artificial climate box: 220V, 50HZ
2. Artificial climate box should use clean water (distilled water or pure water) below 40 C. Hard water and dirty water such as tap water should not be used for a long time.
3. Whenever the water tank of the artificial climate tank is detached from the base, the water on the base must be refluxed, otherwise no steam will be produced.
4. The water cap and spring valve (outlet) of the artificial climate tank should not leak water to avoid damaging the electrical appliances in the base or causing no steam production.
5. The ambient temperature of the artificial climate box should be between 1 and 45 degrees C.
6. The artificial climate box should be placed horizontally on the ground. Plastic hoses should not be folded flat or droop.
7. The artificial climate box should be cleaned after using for a period of time, but it can not be scraped by hard objects.
8. Artificial climate box should be washed, dried and aired before storage.
9. There is high pressure in the artificial climate box. Non-professionals should not open the devices in the base at will.
An artificial climate box with good maintenance can not only improve work efficiency, but also prolong service life, so maintenance is also one of the necessary workflow of laboratory equipment.

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