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How to clean the light incubator after use

Illumination incubator is often suitable for seed germination, seedling cultivation, bacterial and microbial cultivation and preservation of plants. It can simulate natural climate environment and simulate day and night through light control. The humidity and temperature in the box can be adjusted and kept constant. It has the function of abnormal protection of super-temperature and sensor, ensures the safety of instruments and samples, and can be used in light and constant temperature experiments. It is one of the ideal laboratory equipment for various scientific research departments.
In the process of using the light incubator, we need to pay attention to two links, one is the transportation of equipment, the other is the requirements of equipment placement, to achieve the following points.
1. If you need to move the light incubator in use, you should remember that it is forbidden to put the incubator upside down or more than 45 degrees obliquely. After handling, it should be stationary for more than 5H before you can start work.
2. After the removal, if the ground is uneven, it should be padded. The left and right sides of the equipment and the back should be left with more than 300 mm of space.
3. If the operating environment temperature is above 30 C, it is suggested that customers strengthen ventilation measures behind the equipment and reduce the ambient temperature in order to prevent the compressor from dying due to overheating.
4. The use of light incubator should be far away from the source of electromagnetic interference, and the ground wire of the equipment should be grounded.
5. During the use of the light incubator, the contents of the incubator should be placed neatly and not overcrowded. The air flow in the incubator should not be affected to ensure the uniform temperature in the incubator.
If the light incubator needs to be cleaned in use, specific operation should be carried out according to the different dirt:
1. The label and film on the surface of the light incubator should be washed with warm water and weak detergent. The binder ingredients should be scrubbed with alcohol or organic solvent.
2. Rainbow lines on the surface of light incubator are caused by excessive use of detergent or oil, which can be washed with warm water neutral detergent.
3. Oil, oil and lubricating oil contamination on the surface of light incubator should be cleaned with soft cloth, and then cleaned with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent.
4. Rust caused by dirt on the surface of light incubator can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or with special detergent.
5. There are bleaching agents and various acids on the surface of light incubator. Rinse immediately with water, then soak with ammonia or neutral soda carbonate solution, and wash with neutral detergent or warm water.

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