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Principle of High Temperature Blowing Drying Box

High temperature blast drying box is widely used in industrial, mining, scientific research, medical and health, jade processing and other units for drying test products, heat treatment and heating, and various laboratories for baking and disinfection, but it is not suitable for volatile goods, in order to avoid unnecessary danger. Its performance can be transformed into heat energy by electric heating, so that it can be dried at constant temperature.
Flammable and explosive volatiles are strictly forbidden to be put into the box for heating and drying. If the material value is too high, an independent temperature limiter can be installed to set the maximum temperature on line. Double insurance ensures that the material will not be damaged due to the failure of electronic components in the box.
The outer shell of the electrothermal constant temperature blast drying box is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, while the inner gallbladder of the working room is made of stainless steel plate, which has the characteristics of acid and alkali prevention and corrosion prevention. The door of the box is sealed with double-layer thermal insulation material. Double-layer toughened glass window is installed in the middle of the door, and the working room can be observed under the condition of thermal insulation. Heating elements are distributed on the bottom or left side of the studio. High temperature resistant materials are used to ensure safety and long service life. The temperature in the box is controlled by a temperature sensor and a temperature controller. It is installed in the control box of the box and has a movable winding device, which is convenient for maintenance.
The highest working temperature of the high temperature blast drying box is 500 C. The size of the studio has various specifications, which can be used for the placement of various test products. Often suitable for baking, drying, heat treatment and other heating, industrial, is one of the necessary laboratory equipment.
The working temperature of the drying box can rise from room temperature to the maximum temperature. Within this range, the working temperature can be selected randomly for automatic temperature control system to keep the temperature constant.

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