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What are the characteristics of food dryers?

Kangheng Instrument's new food dryer is specially designed for agricultural products such as grain and miscellaneous grains. It is very suitable for drying fruits, pepper, bamboo shoots, traditional Chinese medicines, mushrooms, seafood, sausage and bacon, tea, tobacco, nuts, jujube, cinnamon, peanuts, melon seeds, raisins, betel lang, chrysanthemum, corn and other agricultural and sideline products.
The principle is to evaporate the moisture in the material by the heat generated by the heating tube to achieve the purpose of dehydration.
Because the top of the studio is equipped with an electric heat pipe and an air blower, the drying effect is achieved by heating the electric heat pipe and circulating through the air blower. The temperature controller controls the temperature to be constant and high to ensure uniform temperature.
Advantages of food dryers:
Easy to install and move, small occupied area, suitable for household and commercial use.
Energy-saving, environmental protection, less power consumption, can be used for a long time, long service life, low maintenance costs.
It is a safe and reliable semi-closed drying system to isolate flammable, explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other dangers.
Advantages of this product:
1. Reasonable air transport structure, large diameter centrifugal wind turbine to make heat flow uniform, and storage large heating time fast and so on.
2. Using aluminium silicate fiber, the thermal insulation performance is significantly improved, thus reducing the power consumption.
2. Intelligent PID control with micro-computer can more accurately control and reflect the temperature and equilibrium in the box, with the function of timing and overtemperature alarm.
3. Stainless steel inner liner and tray, acid and alkali proof, corrosion resistance, door seal with high temperature silica gel seal, durable and ensure food hygiene and safety during operation, easy to clean.
Notes: Food dryer can not be used as an ordinary kitchen oven, can not be directly used in food production, can not bake inflammable and explosive goods.

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