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How to troubleshoot some minor faults of constant temperature and humidity box

Constant temperature and humidity box is a kind of equipment with the function of controlling constant temperature and humidity. It can simulate various environmental conditions. It is a common equipment used in scientific research, colleges and universities, such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, farming and livestock, aquatic products, etc. It is also widely used in bioengineering, water analysis, industrial product performance testing and other fields. Its function can also be used as a biochemical incubator, which is one of the commonly used laboratory equipment.
Common faults of constant temperature and humidity box:
1. During the wet-heat test, when the humidity can not meet the specified requirements, if the actual humidity reaches 100%, it may be caused by the gauze drying on the wet-bulb sensor. It is necessary to check whether the water tank of the wet-bulb sensor is short of water. The water level in the tank is automatically controlled by the water level controller to check whether the water supply system of the water level controller is normal or not. It may also be the reason why the wet ball gauze is used for too long, which leads to the purity of water supply. It will harden the gauze and make it unable to absorb moisture and dry. These faults can be eliminated by replacing or cleaning the gauze.
If the actual humidity differs greatly from the target humidity and the value is too low, it may be that the humidifying system does not work properly. We can check whether there is a certain amount of water in the water supply system of the humidifying system and whether the water level control of the humidifying boiler is normal. If all of them are normal, it may be a problem of the electrical control system, and we need to ask professional maintenance personnel to repair them.
2. How to solve the problem when the low temperature can not reach the target and the cooling rate is slow? First of all, we need to observe the change of temperature. If the temperature drops very slowly, we can check whether the studio has been dried before doing the low temperature experiment, and then put the test sample into the experiment. Laboratory test samples will not be placed too much, the air in the breakfast room can not be fully recycled, after eliminating these reasons, you can check whether the refrigeration system is malfunctioning, refrigeration system failure requires professional maintenance.
After reaching a certain value, the temperature will rise again. Can we check whether it is caused by the use environment of the constant temperature and humidity test box, whether the environmental temperature and the position of the equipment to prevent meet the requirements of the instructions?
3. In the high temperature test, when the temperature change can not reach the test temperature value, it is necessary to check whether the regulating baffle of the hot air circulation system is open normally; if the temperature rises very fast, the motor of the hot air circulation is running normally; if the temperature overshoot is serious, it is necessary to set the parameters of PID; when the temperature rises in a straight line, the controller will fail; if the temperature rises in a straight line, it is necessary to check whether the regulating baffle of the hot air circulation system is running Change the control instrument.
4. When temperature control shows abnormal pressure, first check the position of the constant temperature and humidity box, whether it is more than 30 centimeters away from the wall, because poor heat dissipation will also cause high pressure side of the compressor, so if it is caused by improper position, it is necessary to adjust the position in time. Secondly, check whether there is a sealed space around the instrument, which will also cause temperature rise in the environment and high pressure side pressure of the compressor. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain ventilation around the instrument. If it is not for these reasons, it is necessary to recruit professionals for maintenance.
The use of constant temperature and humidity boxes will have time limitations, so if the operation time is too long, there will inevitably be a variety of faults, so regular maintenance is needed in peacetime, which can ensure that a large part of the faults can be avoided. When technical problems are needed, it is necessary to contact manufacturers in time to solve them.

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