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What are the common problems in light incubator

Illumination incubator is suitable for plant seed germination, seedling cultivation, bacterial and microbial cultivation and preservation, product quality testing and other light and constant temperature experimental equipment. It can simulate the natural climate environment and simulate the day and night by light control. The humidity and temperature in the box can be adjusted and kept constant. It is an ideal environmental test equipment for scientific research departments such as biology, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and environmental science.
The illumination incubator is controlled automatically by a micro-computer with touch switch. It is easy to operate and can be controlled by a programmable multi-stage system. Temperature, humidity, illumination and time can be set individually during the day and night. Unique air circulation system, gentle wind speed, ensure temperature uniformity. Double door design, built-in toughened glass observation window, can clearly observe the contents of the box.
Illumination incubator instructions:
1. Turn on the power supply, close the power switch, turn on the whole machine, and the power indicator light in the switch is on.
2. Turn on the lighting switch if necessary.
3. The incubator has the function of breakpoint protection and one and a half minutes delay. It takes about one and a half minutes for the compressor to start again after shutdown.
4. Refer to the manual of intelligent digital temperature control for temperature control setting.
Common failures of light incubator:
1. Start-up is easy to shorten its service life.
2. Long illumination makes the bulb easy to heat and causes uneven temperature.
3. It may be that the discharge is too dense or the circulating fan in the box does not work.
4. Non-uniform temperature.
5. The refrigeration effect of the compressor under the balanced mode is better and the compressor can be effectively maintained.
6. If the temperature is reduced to a certain value, the temperature will fluctuate greatly when the door is opened and closed.
7. The compressor does not refrigerate, the temperature in the incubator is not uniform, or the circulation tuyere freezes and so on.

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