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What are the advantages of electrothermal constant temperature flume

Electrothermal constant temperature tank can provide users with high precision, controlled and uniform temperature constant humidity field source. It is used for precise constant temperature and auxiliary heating by universities, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutes. Its equipment adopts stainless steel inner liner, top cover and micro-computer intelligent temperature control instrument. It has the functions of setting and measuring temperature double digital display and PID self-adjusting. The temperature control is accurate and reliable. It is an ideal constant temperature laboratory equipment for research institutes, Institutes of higher learning, factory laboratories and quality inspection departments.
Electrothermal constant temperature water bath can also be called constant temperature water bath pot, digital display triple display water bath pot, digital display electrothermal constant temperature water tank and so on. It is suitable for gene amplification experiments, and widely used in scientific research, universities, industrial and mining lamp enterprises and institutions. In the laboratory, precise constant temperature tests of 1-3 different temperatures or auxiliary heating can be carried out simultaneously. The equipment has three sets of independent flumes and corresponding temperature control devices, which can set temperature and temperature respectively.
The service life of the instrument can be prolonged if the electrothermal constant temperature water tank is used at medium speed in the range of rotational speed. If it is used at high speed for a long time, it will shorten the service life. The whole machine can not be used on wooden box bracket. It should be placed on a relatively flat ground. The environment should be clean and tidy, with good ventilation, convenient water supply and drainage, and without direct light and heat source. Bottling culture test bottle: 1. Pay attention to the uniform distribution of shaking plate when bottling. (2) Pay attention to the amount of liquid in the volume bottle and prevent the shaking of the test bottle. (3) Pay attention to sealing the bottle mouth to prevent condensation droplets from dripping into the test bottle or overturning in the water tank.
The heating pipe of electrothermal constant temperature flume has no dry-burning function and can not be dry-burned without water. When using it, attention should be paid to adding water first, so that all heating pipes are submerged in water. The amount of water added depends on the demand, but the heating pipe should not be exposed to outside water. It is better to put the water over 2/3 of the whole electrothermal constant temperature tank as far as possible. If the water is too much, the backwash will decrease.
Structural characteristics of electrothermal constant temperature flume:
1. Select imported high-quality stainless steel sheets and precise mechanical processing technology to manufacture, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics;
2. The temperature control device adopts high stability operational amplifier and double integration high precision A/D conversion technology.
3. Designed by far-infrared heating technology and magnetic stirring, the product has short heat balance time, small temperature fluctuation, good uniformity, and accurate and intuitive LED display.

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