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How to use constant temperature dryer for the first time

Constant temperature drying boxes have many other names, such as electrothermal constant temperature drying boxes or electrothermal blast drying boxes, which are often used in modern middle and advanced laboratories. They are very suitable for users with higher requirements for temperature uniformity. Some of the valuable samples will also pretend to be independent temperature limiting controllers.
The general constant temperature drying box is composed of three parts: the box, the electric heater and the temperature control. The appearance of the box is simple and generous. The box is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate. The surface of the box is electrostatic powder spraying. The coating is hard and firm, and has strong rust-proof ability. The inner gallbladder will be made of mirror stainless steel fittings, round corner shape, smooth and smooth, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and very easy to clean. Between the constant temperature drying box body and the studio, the superfine glass wool insulation material is filled, which has good thermal insulation function and effectively ensures the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the box body.
When we first use the constant temperature drying box, we need to know the manual instructions strictly and use them according to the manual. Usually, the constant temperature drying box is powered on (the controller is powered on, all the displays are lighted up, about two seconds later into the normal display state). Then to set the temperature, constant temperature time and fan speed, if there is an overtemperature alarm, you can click any key to silence. In the set state, if no key is pressed within 60 seconds, the constant temperature dryer controller will automatically return to the normal display state. If the controller display window shows "--", indicating the temperature sensor or the controller itself failure, please carefully check the temperature sensor and its wiring.
When the temperature control effect is not ideal, the system can be self-tuned. In the process of self-tuning, the temperature will overshoot greatly. Users should take this factor into full consideration before self-tuning the system.

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