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How to Maintain the Inside of Constant Temperature and Humidity Box

Constant temperature and humidity box is a kind of equipment with the function of controlling constant temperature and humidity. It can simulate various environmental conditions. It is a very common equipment in scientific research and universities such as environmental protection, hygiene and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, aquatic products, etc. It can also be used in bioengineering, water analysis, performance testing of industrial products and other fields. It can be said that it is a very widely used laboratory equipment.
The constant temperature and humidity box can also be used as a biochemical incubator, and the internal maintenance of this equipment is a very important work, what needs to be done, can be operated according to the following points.
Internal Maintenance of Constant Temperature and Humidity Box:
1. The water storage in the humidifier of constant temperature and humidity box should be replaced once a month to ensure the water quality is clean, and the humidifying water pan should be cleaned once a month, so as to ensure the smooth flow of water.
2. The condenser of the constant temperature and humidity box needs regular maintenance. It can be carried out once a month. The dust adhering to the radiator net of the condenser can be removed by vacuum cleaner or sprayed by high pressure air.
3. When the constant temperature and humidity box is working, the upper limit of over-temperature protection is added to 20 ~30 C. When the temperature in the experimental box rises to the setting point of over-temperature protection, the heater will stop power supply and the over-temperature warning lamp will be on, but the fan will still be working. If you work long hours and are unattended, be sure to check the overtemperature protector before working and whether it is properly set.
4. After the appearance of the test cloth is unclean, hardened or last night's temperature control, the test cloth must be replaced before continuing to do the temperature and wetness sphericity control. It can be replaced once in about three months. Clean cloth should be used to scrub the thermometer when replacing the test cloth, and clean it first when replacing the new test cloth.
5. The water level of the accumulator of the constant temperature and humidity tank should not be too high, because it will cause water to overflow the accumulator or too low, which will lead to abnormal water absorption of the wet bulb test cloth and affect the accurate water level of the wet bulb. The water level of the accumulator can also adjust the height of the accumulator.

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