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Application Method of Electrothermal Constant Temperature Blowing Drying Box

In our daily life, we often need to dry and dehydrate something before we can do the next work. For example, in the manufacture of wood products, we need to dry and dehydrate the wood before we can make it. And the electrothermal constant temperature blast dryer is mainly used for this kind of drying work, mainly for industrial and mining enterprises, modern high-level laboratories commonly used equipment, and the constant temperature blast dryer is more and more widely used, which facilitates the production of many industries.
So how to use the electrothermal constant temperature blast drying box? It can be operated according to the following points:
1. Sample placement: Put the articles to be dried into the drying box. There should be some space around them to keep the airflow in the working room unblocked and close the door of the box.
2. Throttle adjustment: According to the wet condition of the drying articles, turn the adjusting knob to the appropriate position, generally to "z". If it is wet, adjust the adjusting knob to "3" (note: the adjusting range of the air door is about 60"angle).
3. Turn on: Turn on the power supply and the fan switch. At this time, the power indicator lights up and the motor runs. The temperature controller shows that after the "self-checking" process, the PV screen should show the temperature measured in the working room. The SV screen should show the setting temperature to be dried in use. At this time, the drying box will enter the working state.
4. Set the required temperature: Press the SET key. At this time, the Pv screen displays "5P" and changes the temperature value of the original "SV" and "screen display" with_or_until the required value is reached. After setting up, press SET key and PV shows "5T" (entering timing function). If you don't use the timing function, press SET again, so that the PV screen displays the measured temperature, and the SV screen displays the set temperature. (Note: When the timing function is not used, the "ST" displayed on the Pv screen must be zero, that is, ST = O)
5. Timing settings: If using timing, when the PV screen shows "5T", the SV screen shows "0"; when setting the required intervals (points) by adding keys; after setting, press SET key to make the drying box enter working state. (Note: Timing function is to calculate the time when the setting is completed and the working state is in. Therefore, the time required for heating, constant temperature and drying of the drying box must be considered in the setting time. )
6. Temperature Control Inspection: When the first start-up or use for a period of time or when the season (environmental humidity) changes, it is necessary to check the errors between the measurement accuracy and the actual temperature in the working room, that is, the accuracy of temperature control.

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