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How does the lab choose its suitable incubator?

The incubator has a two-way temperature regulation system for cooling and heating, and the temperature control function is often applied to plants, organisms,microbiology, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection and other scientific research.Incubators are required for low and constant temperature test,incubation test,environmental tests, etc.

There are many kinds of incubators, electrothermal constant temperature incubators, carbon dioxide incubators, biochemical incubators, mold incubators, light incubators, artificial climate chambers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, anaerobic incubators, and so on. So the question is, how should the laboratory pick the incubator?

The answer is to look at the parameters.

Convection ways, this depends on whether you need to conduct or convect and radiate.

Control ways, control mode Most of Kangheng and Hengli's products adopt the microcomputer intelligent automatic control system.

Temperature range (℃), this is more important. Some incubators have a minimum temperature of 0℃ and some can only be 5℃. These are only available to customers according to their needs.

Temperature resolution (℃), many of them are now accurate to 0.1.

Temperature fluctuation range (℃), this is a measure of the quality of a product. Obviously, the smaller the fluctuation range, the smaller the influence difference of incubator incubation.

Temperature uniformity (℃), the same as above.

The insulation effect for imported environmentally materials is much better,but its price is a little much more expensive than of domestic ones.

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