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Constant temperature drying oven is one of the top ten hot brands

Constant temperature drying oven is one of the top ten hot brands,which has the features of small body and large energy.

For ordinary households, the drying oven may be a rarity, but it is an essential equipment for industrial laboratory research units. In this type of drying oven, the constant temperature drying oven is used by many people. But so many companies that produce drying ovens, which ones are more popular on Internal? For example, the following drying ovens from Kenton Apparatus, fine workmanship,and it is worth starting.

Widely application:
Suitable for routine testing in industrial and mining enterprises, basic laboratories and workshops. The scope of application is equally applicable to Chinese herbal medicines, jade, industrial products, etc., but samples with higher temperature uniformity and larger water content are not recommended. For more expensive samples, it is recommended to install an independent temperature limit controller.

Structural features:
The thermostat is divided into two types: the pointer type and the microcomputer intelligent PID digital display. The outer chamber is sprayed with metal paint. The overall design is beautiful and elegant. The hot air circulation system is composed of low noise fan and air duct. The inner chamber is divided into mirror stainless steel and galvanized steel. The model, the height of the shelf in the working room and the number of shelves can be adjusted to facilitate access to samples of different specifications. The door is equipped with a double-layer tempered glass observation window, which can clearly observe the contents of the box.

Details of the advantages:
High-efficiency heating wire, which makes it quickly warm and stable, high-precision temperature sensor, temperature can be controlled at ±1° error. The air circulation system uses advanced air blowing devices to form a strong convection air duct to improve temperature uniformity. The panel has a digital display controller or a pointer controller to choose from. The digital temperature controller is precisely controlled, directly to the greenhouse, intelligent operation, high control precision, clear at a glance, saving energy; the pointer type temperature controller has intuitive reading, image and frequency characteristics.

Although the constant temperature drying chamber studio specifications are small, but the room temperature +5 ~ 250, really a small body large function. One of the top ten hot-selling brands is also because it is really easy to use and affordable.

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