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Chinese herbal medicines are easy to mildew? I chose this drying oven

Many people think the products are easy to mildew in Spring,but don't ignore the reason why so many people put the dustpans,which put variety of Chinese medicines,on the street.In fact, Chinese herbal medicines are most susceptible to mildew in spring and summer, because spring is wet and it often rains in summer. Many people know that many Chinese herbal medicines are dry and can be stored for a period of time, even for more than ten years. The principle is to separate the moisture in the Chinese herbal medicines to achieve long-term preservation.

However,after all, the weather is unpredictable, and the sunshine time is limited,so if the Chinese herbal medicine is not dried enough in the sun,it will be easy to mildew.Therefore, more and more enterprises are now using drying machines to dry Chinese herbal medicines, and the effect is good. The most widely used one is the drying oven for agricultural products. Kenton has a powerful agricultural drying oven (food dryer), model KSY.
Kenton agricultural product drying oven uses the heat generated by the heating tube to evaporate the water in the material to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

The advantages are as follows:

1. Reasonable air transport structure, large-diameter centrifugal wind wheel makes the heat flow evenly, and the storage capacity is large, and the heating time is fast.

2. With aluminum silicate fiber, the insulation performance is significantly improved, thus reducing power consumption.

3. Using the microcomputer intelligent PID control, it can more accurately control and reflect the temperature and balance in the inner chamber, with timing and over-temperature alarm function.

4. Stainless steel inner chamber and tray, anti-acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant, door seal is sealed with high-temperature silicone, durable and ensure food hygiene and safety during operation, easy to clean.

This oven can be used not only for drying Chinese herbal medicines, but also for baking fruits, peppers, dried bamboo shoots, mushrooms, seafood, sausage bacon, tea, tobacco, nuts, red dates, peanuts, melon seeds, raisins, and tarragon. Dehydration treatment of various agricultural and sideline products such as chrysanthemum and corn.

However, when using this drying oven, it can not be used as a general kitchen oven, and can not be directly used for food production, because this is not a household oven after all, the main purpose is to dry.

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