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Kenton instrument newly developed products 303-0c series economical electric incubator

New developed products of Kenton instrument 303-0c series economical electric incubator are finally on the shelves, this new product is for medical and health, colleges and universities, biological, agricultural, scientific research and other departments as bacteria, biological cultivation equipment. The lower part of the studio is equipped with heating wire, the thermometer controls the temperature constant and high and low, the shell is made of steel plate, the surface is treated by the rust layer, the studio USES galvanized board, and the door plate USES transparent door to make the situation inside the box clear at a glance. It also has a new look.
Matters needing attention

1. The placement of samples in use should not be too crowded, so as not to affect the convection in the box. When placing the box, please ensure that the box is effectively grounded to ensure safety. Do not touch the electrical circuit on the left side of the box with your hands or wet cloth when electrifying.

2. Please do not put volatile, inflammable and explosive items into the box to heat them up in case of explosion.

Daily maintenance of equipment:

1. The incubator should be kept clean frequently. The glass of the door should be wiped with soft cotton cloth.

2. If the incubator is not used for a long time, neutral grease or vaseline should be applied on the electroplated parts to prevent corrosion, and a plastic film dust cover should be set and placed in a dry room to avoid the use of electrical appliances affected by damp.

3. Daily maintenance of equipment:

When you operate according to our manual and the equipment fails, please follow the troubleshooting method in the manual attached to the purchase of the product for preliminary troubleshooting. If not, please call our after-sales service department, we will wholeheartedly provide you with timely and accurate service.

The newly developed product 303-0c series economical electric incubator of kenton instrument has been on the shelves of Alibaba, jingdong and Taobao. Welcome to customers!

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