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How to use fruit and vegetable dryer?

KH series of fruit and vegetable dryer, also known as blower intelligent digital display blower drying boxes, are widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, medical units, industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research and other fields for drying, baking, wax melting, disinfection and sterilization of articles.  Kenton instrument fruit and vegetable drying box can be used to bake fruits and vegetables.  For example, corn, apple, banana, mango, pineapple, mushroom, etc.

Fruit and vegetable dryer is equipped with a heating pipe, and the rear part is equipped with a blast device. The temperature controller controls the temperature to be constant and high and low. During operation, the temperature is heated by the heating pipe and then circularly flows through the blast device to ensure uniform temperature. The circular arc design is adopted around the shelf, the upper and lower spacing of the shelf is adjustable, and a temperature sensing probe is built in.

Use method
Please make sure that the switch is placed in the "off" position before powering on, check whether it is connected with open circuit or leakage phenomenon, turn on the power supply, and turn on the power switch.
(1)PV display: displays the measured temperature and displays various prompts according to the state of the controller;
(2)SV display: displays the set temperature and various parameters according to the controller status;
(3) indicator light
RUN (Run Indicator): It lights up when the controller is working, and flashes automatically and regularly;
OUT (Heating Output Indicator): Illuminated when there is heating output;
ALM (Alarm Output Indicator): Illuminated when there is alarm output;
(4) Press the key
Function keys: used to call out parameters and confirm parameter modification;
Decrease key: used to adjust the value or start self-tuning;
Add key: used to adjust the value or start self-tuning.

Above is the use of fruit and vegetable dryer, need to communicate or purchase can contact the company's business!

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