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Four common drying methods of drying oven

Articles are dried, baked, waxed, sterilized and sterilized, usually in a drying oven. The application of drying oven is very common today. But do you know what are the four common drying methods?

1. Hot air drying
The air blast drying oven is equipped with heating pipe, air blast device, temperature controller to control the temperature constant and high and low, working through the heating pipe through the air blast device circulation flow, to ensure the temperature uniform.
2. Vacuum drying
Vacuum oven by located in the box temperature sensor and pressure sensor to feel the actual temperature, vacuum pressure into electrical signals, through the microcomputer to control the heater, vacuum pump, inlet solenoid valve to achieve the required temperature and vacuum.
3. Natural convection drying
The constant temperature drying oven (without air blast) is equipped with heating wire, and the temperature is controlled by the thermometer to be constant and high. During the operation, the air flows in through the air inlet at the bottom of the box, and the air is heated by the heating wire to form a natural convection of temperature, which is then discharged through the air outlet at the top of the box.
4. Far-infrared drying
Far infrared drying is the use of far infrared radiation element of far infrared radiation is absorbed by the heating material, so that its molecules, atoms produce vibration, the temperature of the object rises rapidly, water and other liquid molecules from the material to achieve the purpose of drying.

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