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The new constant temperature ultraviolet disinfection chamber in 2020

The constant temperature ultraviolet disinfection chamber  has intelligent temperature control, and achieves the disinfection effect by double sterilization of dry heat and ultraviolet. Suitable for general hospitals' high-temperature disinfection of medical records, archives, goggles, white coats, protective clothing, gowns, masks, equipment and other items. The disinfection box is also suitable for disinfecting daily items such as books and RMB to avoid cross infection . Because the main route of many infection sources is to attach the disease source to the object through droplets, cough, sneeze, talk, etc., and then spread through the host infection.

Research on SARS-CoV (that is, SARS virus) and MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Virus) in accordance with the "Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme for New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia" issued by the National Health Commission. Coronaviruses are more sensitive to heat. As the temperature increases, the resistance of the virus decreases. For example, HCoV-229E can lose its infectivity at 56 ° C for 10 minutes or 37 ° C for several hours. SARS-CoV can be at 37 ° C. Surviving for 4 days, heating at 56 ° C for 90 minutes and 75 ° C for 30 minutes can kill the live virus.

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