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Kenton Instrument Drying oven Manufacturer After-sales Phone

Kenton Instrument Co., Ltd. is an entity enterprise specializing in the production of biological constant temperature equipment and experimental instruments. It was established in 1999. After 20 years of development, the company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO13485 medical industry certification and EU CE safety certification.
Has its own brand KENTON, existing drying oven, incubator, high temperature oven, oven resistance furnace, water bath pot, industrial air oven, purification workbench, biochemical incubator, vacuum box, constant temperature and humidity box, biological safety cabinet, artificial Climate chamber, light incubator and other products. The annual output is 20,000 sets of equipment, and the annual sales volume increases by 20%. It has achieved the largest and most influential instrument and equipment manufacturing enterprise in southern China.
Sales Hotline: 0086-20-36246586 ,36247961
After-sales telephone: 18688422996

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  • 0086-020-36246586
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  • 0086-18688422996
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  • service@kentonchina.com