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Which brand of incubator is better?

Many customers have the need to buy incubators, but do not know what brand is better. Find on the Internet, also dazzling, always say different. Some will recommend, Sanyo, is Japanese, but assembled in China, the performance is worse than imported, the price is also in domestic and imported between. Some people say the incubator manufacturers in Shanghai are more mature technology.

Which brand of incubator is better? Kenton laboratory is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, its series of incubators  has a very good quality and also a good price both at home and abroad! It is loved by many customers. Whether it's the PX series incubators, the CR series CO2 incubators, the SPX series biochemical incubators and the Mold incubator, the materials and accessories used, the quality is very good, stainless steel liner, advanced balanced cooling system, microcomputer PID control technology and so on, all very closely follow the development of the intelligent era.

Kenton laboratory professional incubator manufacturers, its production of constant temperature incubator, biochemical incubator, constant temperature and humidity oven, light incubator and other products are widely used in environmental protection, medical and health care, drug testing, agriculture and livestock, aquatic products, chemical industry and other fields.

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