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China Industrial Oven Manufacturer, Preferred Kenton Laboratory

Guangzhou Kenton Laboratory has been established for more than 20 years and is a relatively good brand in China. On the market, although the homogenization is now more serious, but choose a reputable brand or have a relatively stable quality.

Industrial oven manufacturers Kenton Laboratory have KH series large industrial oven, this transport air oven with the use of large diameter wind wheel circulation form, so has a large circulation air volume, heat circulation uniformity, etc., suitable for industrial industries or the need to bake a large area or a large number of products, such as electroplating industry, electronics industry, alloy jewelry, plastic shaping and other drying, dehydration, but not for with strong volatile, flammable and explosive items, so as not to cause an explosion.

Industrial ovens are divided into two types of horizontal convection and up and down convection. Smaller studios use horizontal convection, with the heating part in the upper part, while larger studios use upper and lower convection, with the heating part in the upper part. The motor is installed in the upper part or the rear part, and the heat is circulated to the studio by driving the wind wheel, and so on.

China industrial oven manufacturers, preferred Kenton Laboratory, the quality and price are superior!

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