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101 series drying oven requirements in different industries.

It is suitable for mas production in industsrial and mining enterprises,basic laboratories and workshops. it is used in many fileds,such as aging test in electronic factory, algriculture products dehydrating, car headlights renovation,mable drying,stone coloring,high temperature sterilization, constant temperature storage and other heat treatment.it is not suitable for baking samples with large water content, and it can’t be used for inflammable, explosive and volatile materials, which will cause explosion easily.
101&202 series drying oven belongs to the first generation product in China, so it has been widely used in the early stage, and it is also the most familiar series. With the continuous progress of the times, the products are constantly improved and innovated,KH,KYS, DHG, GX and other series products adapting to different requirements of different industries have been developed. The temperature control precision, temperature fluctuation and evenness of the drying oven are obviously improved, and the practical configuration of timing, over temperature alarm, PID intelligent temperature control and temperature limiter are also increased.
So that the drying oven can exactly meet the different needs for different industries.

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