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Kenton Instrument patented product: a utility model biochemical incubator

The utility model provides a biochemical incubator, which comprises a box body, a box door rotated with the box body and a refrigeration mechanism; Refrigeration mechanism is arranged in the lower part of the box body, refrigeration mechanism comprises a compressor, solenoid valve, fan and condenser; The air outlet of the fan is opposite to the condenser; The lower part of the chamber body is provided with a side wall and the lower part of the box body is provided with a heat dissipation hole. The biochemical incubator provided by the utility model has the function of defrosting, and solves the problem of poor temperature control precision caused by the frosting of the existing biochemical incubator.
The new biochemical incubator is characterized in that it comprises a chamber body, a rotating door rotated and a refrigeration structure.The refrigeration comprises a compressor, an electromagnetic valve, a fan and a condenser. The air outlet of the fan faces the condenser. The lower part and the side wall of the chamber body are provided with heat dissipation holes. The refrigeration structure also includes a filter. A filter is arranged on a return passage of the condenser. The heat dissipation holes are long strip-shaped through holes arranged horizontally. The body is provided with a drainage outlet for the drainage pipe to pass through. A water collecting pan is arranged under the drainage pipe. The condensing is R134a. The controller includes temperature control module and balance module. The balance module can calculate according to the temperature feedback by the controller, adjust the working proportion of the heating mechanism and the refrigeration mechanism, and send instructions to the control module. After receiving the command from the balance module, the control module adjusts the working proportion of the heating and the refrigeration according to the proportion.

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